Friday, September 27, 2013

Cool Combs - Review

The holiday season is coming up, and that means holiday parties and holiday hair. If you're looking for an easy way to make a fancy updo, then check out Cool Combs. In the middle of a Cool Comb is stretchy, fancy beading in either silver and white or black. On either side of the fancy beading is a comb. These three pieces are all you need to pull your hair half-up or all the way up in multiple ways!

Cool Combs are very easy to use. I watched the below tutorial once and completely understood what I needed to do. I was also really surprised at the many different ways that you can use Cool Combs. Just watch the video to see all the fun things!

I received two Cool Combs for free to review. I wore one of them in my hair all day to do a half-up hairdo, and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately, my hair got messed up in the morning because I fell asleep on the bus and the Cool Comb didn't stay snug in my hair after being hit against the bus seat headrest. So I fixed it when I got to work but did eventually take it out by the afternoon because it just wasn't keeping my hair back tightly enough. I have pretty thick hair, so I thought that the comb part of Cool Combs would be really good. However, the half-up thing just wasn't working out well for me. Then I tried using the Cool Comb to pull my hair back in a bun, and that worked ... for a few minutes. And then it fell out on its own. So my hair is not thick enough when half up and too thick when in a bun. I'm just going to do the ponytail from now on.

I had tried it over the weekend, and it worked really well when I was just sitting around the house watching TV. Maybe I move too much (ha!) at work. I think Cool Combs really depend on your hair type. These really wouldn't work too well in short hair. My hair comes down to my shoulders, and I think that length or longer is really ideal. You've got to have enough hair for the comb part of the Cool Combs to stick.

I would definitely consider wearing Cool Combs to a wedding or to a fancy holiday party if I needed a way to pull my hair back into something kinda fancy. I really want to try the French twist with the Cool Comb, but I can't get my hair wrapped right for the French twist! I need a tool that will do that for me, and then I'll secure it with a Cool Comb.

Cool Combs are available to purchase from If you purchase one, it's $15 and shipping is free.

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