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The Broken Circle - Book Review

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The Broken Circle, by Cheryl Potter, is only the beginning, and what an intriguing beginning it is. Potter has crafted a magical world and a colorful (sometimes literally) cast of characters for Book 1 of The Potluck Yarn Trilogy.

Some time ago, there were 12 witches who used crystals and hand-knit creations to wield magical powers. But then, one witch betrayed the circle and stole a crystal, causing the circle to break and the witches to scatter.

Twenty years later, the Northlands and Southlands are in a bitter war, caused by the witch traitor, and it is time for the remaining knitting witches, as they are called, to reconvene. The only problem is that magic has been outlawed since the war started, a crystal is missing, and there are no longer 12 witches. Not to mention that the witches who do remain must travel from all over to meet again, hoping that they don't get caught and jailed for being one of the 12.

This book gives the background information about the witches and tells how they all, with a few newcomers, make their way back to the Potluck to try and save the world. The rest of the story is left to books two and three. (According to the author's website, as of March 2013, the second book was being written.)

Because this book is about knitting, there are website links to knitting patterns at the end of each book. Readers will be able to knit some of the "magical" items the characters wear in the book. Obviously, this makes the book ideal for knitters, but you don't have to know how to knit (I don't) in order to enjoy the story.

The Broken Circle is published by Potter Press and is available to purchase now. I received a free review copy for my honest review.

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  1. Laurie - thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful review of the Knitting Witches! I'm glad that you enjoyed it and hope you get the chance to make some of the garments!

    All My Best,

    Cheryl Potter