Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gluten-Free at PNC Park - Pittsburgh

Our first summer vacation stop was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a Pirates baseball game. (They were playing the Cardinals, and the Cardinals lost.) But PNC Park did have a gluten-free food stand.

As you can see from the menu to the left, you could get a gluten-free hot dog, gluten-free nachos, a gluten-free grilled veggie toaster, or a gluten-free caprese toaster. (You could also get three different salads, but who goes to a baseball game and gets salads when you can get traditional ballpark food made gluten-free?)

Mike tried the gluten-free hot dog, which did take awhile to make because they were out! Unfortunately, the hot dog was not the best Mike has had when compared with gluten-free hot dogs (or Italian sausages) at other ballparks. It's all in the bread.

But at least they tried, right?

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