Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PACT Organic Baby Clothes

Back in June, I was invited to attend a press preview of a new line of organic baby clothes from a company called PACT. PACT also makes organic basics for men and women: underwear, socks, and loungewear. And now, as of July 1, PACT wearers can deck out their babies in organic clothing, too.

The collection of super soft organic cotton includes reversible beanies, snapster bodysuits, and socks all featuring unique graphics and prints made from water-based dyes and inks. Seriously, the flowery print on the baby at right - SO CUTE. (That print is available in adult clothes, too. I have to have it.)

And parents of baby boys will LOVE the "boy" color schemes that don't involve trucks or ducks. The patterns and colors for boys are sophisticated and hip without being  cutesy-schmootzy. (My mom friend RAVED about the PACT baby boy clothes. For real.)

PACT also has cool wintery unisex beanies, snapster bodysuits, and socks that will be available October 15. I'm loving the Fair Isle pattern at left.

What's also cool about these new baby clothes is that PACT has teamed up with Whole Planet Foundation to kickstart 100 small businesses. So every purchase contributes to a fund that the Whole Planet Foundation will turn into micro-loans for low-income entrepreneurs around the world.

For parents who are looking for baby items that are safe and eco-friendly, the new PACT baby clothing line is a great idea. PACT uses no pesticides, no fertilizers, no bleaches, and no sweatshops. (Even the packaging is eco-friendly.) Just soft, organic cotton that feels good when you wear it and makes you feel good about where it comes from.

These items can be purchased from http://www.wearpact.com or at Whole Foods stores and specialty boutiques. The price range for the line is $10 to $34.

When I attended the event, I was given some ladies' loungewear to check out, so I'll review that separately and let you know all the cool stuff that adults can wear from PACT! Stay tuned!

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  1. PACT is such a great brand! We try to make it as easy as possible for parents to shop products that are not only safe and eco-friendly, but ethically made as well. Check out our site for more brands to fall in love with!