Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changes in Our House

There have been a couple changes in our house, and that means I can cross stuff off of my New Year's Projects list.

First up, something that was not on the list. I FINALLY found a knife holder that didn't come with knives. Why would I want that, you ask? Because we already have the knives, but they didn't come with a holder!!!

So I happened to be at Target the other weekend with $35 in Target gift cards, and I saw this. (See picture at left.) It is a KitchenAid knife holder that has a special place for kitchen scissors and a cool upper portion that can hold any size knife and keep it in place. Really cool. Plus, it was on sale for $26.99. So I scooped it up. Meant to be.

And now for the 2013 to-do list. Here's the whole thing in case you forgot:

1. buy door mat for sliding glass door in the living room
2. paint the guest bedroom and buy a bed and mattress
3. remove another wall and a half of wallpaper in the craft room
4. paint the trim on the wall in the living room/dining room
5. apply to be on an HGTV show
6. fix/redo the master bathroom shower stall
7. buy an electric drill to hang a curtain rod (buy) and curtains (buy)
8. attempt to make my own roman shades for dining room windows
9. buy 3M Command Strips for hanging picture frames in the bedroom
10. buy more white picture frames for the bedroom
11. buy color and black ink for the printer to print out pictures and finish some scrapbook pages
12. spend 15 minutes a day writing my novel
13. move the side table from the basement to the reading room
14. make a book wreath for the reading room

As you can see from the picture below, the curtain rod is up and so are the curtains. I take no credit for any of it. My dad did it all. So that's number 7 done and done.

And then number 3 is done and done AND DONE. The goal was to finish up only a portion of the wallpaper removal, but the whole room is now EMPTY OF WALLPAPER. My mom finished up the last few panels for me, so now I am well ahead of schedule. Just need to get some primer on the wall and then paint and then ... oh man, that room needs help. All in good time.

Also, number 6 is almost done. We've got a contractor coming out in August to remodel the shower stall. Super excited. Well, the bank account is not, but...

And here is a little something else that is not on the list. This is another Target find that was on clearance. I'd been following this three-piece wall decor set for a few weeks, and then finally I saw that the price went down to $7. I just couldn't pass it up. The red on these mirrors is just perfect to add to our red-accented living/dining room. 


I don't have the mirrors on the wall yet. I need to buy more 3M Command Strips for hanging wall decor. And then I think I'm going to move some stuff already on the wall around to make room for the mirrors. 

How are your 2013 to-do lists coming along? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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