Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Kindling Muse - Book Review

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The Kindling Muse is a debut novel from 18-year-old author Chelsey Guy. The book combines some of Guy's own life struggles with a story laced with Greek mythology. The main character is Adorabella Flamma, a high school student who lives with a foster care family and suffers multiple serious health conditions. After having a seizure while giving a presentation in class, a doctor gives Adorabella (who goes by "Addie") medicine called "ashes of life". Miraculously, all of Addie's ailments disappear. But what else does ashes of fire do?

Shortly after this experience, Addie is invited to attend the prestigious Greek Academy where she makes new friends, stands up to school bullies, and gets the lead in the school musical. Addie also begins to learn more about her mysterious past and her future.

The supernatural is a really popular theme in YA novels right now, and I think that The Kindling Muse has the potential to become a popular YA series. I say series because the way the book ends, it kind of leaves you hanging, wanting to find out what happens next. Without giving anything away, I just can't believe that Guy would leave it like that without having plans for a sequel.

I'm really impressed that Guy, at 18, was able to craft such an interesting story, write it, finish it, and take the initiative to publish it. That said, the book did need some polishing and editing. But Guy is young and this is only her first published novel. The potential is there, and as Guy continues to hone her craft, I'm sure her second novel will be even better than the first.

The Kindling Muse is published by Abbott Press, a division of Writer's Digest. It is available to purchase now. I received a free review copy for my honest review.

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