Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scrapbook Flashback

I was home over Mother's Day weekend, and I brought back one of my old scrapbooks. It's so much fun to look back through the scrapbooks, not just because I enjoy looking at old pictures and remembering fun times, but because I love to see how my scrap style has changed over the years.

These layouts are from a scrapbook that I made during my senior year of college. I remember the paper from the below layout well. It was part of a value pack of scrapbook paper at Walmart. VALUE!

At this time, I was also strictly using these post-bound, non-protective sleeve (kind of expensive) albums from Westrim Crafts. So because there was a white base for each page, I didn't always use patterned paper or even solid cardstock as a background. Sometimes I literally just stuck pictures to the page. And as you can see from this page, I didn't even use a title. NO TITLE??? WHAT WAS I THINKING????

(And yes, that is me kissing a Batman Halloween candy bucket.)

How often do you look back through your old scrapbook albums? If you have a blog, post about some of your old layouts, complete with pictures, and link up to it in the comments here! I'd love to see ho your work has evolved, too!

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