Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Cook!: My Recipe Binder

My latest project (one that was easier than trying to hang a curtain rod) was to compile all our favorite recipes from online, magazines, and our cookbooks into one big recipe binder. That way, everything we like to cook is in one spot, ensuring that we don't forget about good old standbys, such as the Chicken BLT with Buttermilk Dressing salad I made the other night. That is really SO GOOD.

After attending a little Pinterest Party at a friend's house the other weekend, I made some serious progress with my binder. I used all Studio Calico scrapbook stuff to decorate the cover and the interior dividers. I divided my recipe binder into categories: meat, poultry, pasta, fish, soups & stews, sides, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. I wanted to add party appetizers and beverages, but I ran out of Studio Calico paper!! I'll have to figure something out.

To keep the recipes from getting gross while I was cooking, I purchased regular page protectors for the recipes that were 8x11 size, and I purchased 4x6 photo sleeves for the recipes that were printed on 4x6-size cards. All of them fit nicely into my giant heavy duty three-inch binder. (I cannot BELIEVE how expensive binders are! Seriously, people?)

I also used an old technique from high school to protect my scrapbooked dividers from getting gross: package tape. My friends and I used to collage our notebooks, and we put package tape over it to keep everything together and protected. It works just as good today!

I still need to purchase more 4x6 photo sleeves from Staples, but all in good time. At least most of our tried-and-true recipes are now in one place, which cuts down on the amount of cookbooks we have and makes the cooking process so much easier.

Do you guys have tons of cookbooks or do you stock your recipes in one single place like this?

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