Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eating Gluten-Free at Fenway Park

My husband and I recently went to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game (blasphemy, I know), and I wanted to fill you in on the park's gluten-free fare. Right when we entered at Gate C, we found the "gluten-friendly pizza". It is not at its own food stand. It's just at the same stand as other pizza, ice cream, and Bavarian pretzels (which are somehow different from the regular pretzels, but I still can't figure out how).

It did take awhile for the pizza to be ready, but we figured that. They don't just have the gluten-free stuff ready and waiting. They make it as soon as someone orders it. It also took us a little longer because the gluten-free pizza accidentally touched the regular pizza, so they had to make a new one. Which we were totally fine with!! They could have just ignored that and served my husband a contaminated pizza, but they didn't. They told us about it and then made a new one.

And here is what the gluten-friendly pizza looks like:

Oh, and that's just one plate of it. You get a second plate of pizza, too. (My husband had already eaten that plate by the time I was able to snap a picture.)

The verdict on the pizza? It was good. Not the greatest, but it was still good. Apparently the gluten-free pizza at Madison Square Garden is SO GOOD. So, there you have it.

Have you tried any of the other gluten-free stuff at Fenway? Know of any good gluten-free restaurants in the area? We just ate at a nearby UNO after the game. (More on THAT later!!)

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