Friday, May 17, 2013

Chocolate Chocolate Moons - Book Review

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In the future, people will be living on other planets, eating diet "food", and getting the facts wrong about today's history. That's the setting of Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon. This fast-paced comic novel features lots of characters, lots of puns, and lots of delicious-sounding food. I think I liked that part of the book best! I mean doesn't this sound good: seven-layer cannoli cheesecake with espresso sorbet followed by dark chocolate truffles and candied fruits"?

And then there are Chocolate Moons, a sweet candy treat favored by one of the book's main characters Molly Marbles. Molly is an overweight woman who refuses to eat the diet "food" like her ex-boyfriend Drew does, which is how he got so thin. But Molly doesn't need Drew. She's got her two talented twin teenage daughters and her musically inclined husband Cortland. But Molly soon becomes amateur detective when someone, or some people, have poisoned some of the Chocolate Moons, causing whoever eats them to fall into a coma. What follows is a story of hijinks, puns, and lots of ill attempts at getting revenge.

I'm not sure I liked the way this book was organized. As I wrote above, there are a lot of characters and sometimes the story will change narrators or character focus several times within one chapter. The writing style kind of reminded me of a cross between Chuck Pahlaniuk and Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy. It's an interesting story but maybe a little too fast-paced for me with a need for a little more editing. I felt like there wasn't enough time for me to process what was happening and who the characters were, and it just jumped around too much.

But the food descriptions! Oh the food!

Chocolate Chocolate Moons is published by CreateSpace and is available for purchase now. I received a free review copy for my honest opinion.

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