Friday, April 26, 2013

The Songs I Would Give to My Child — Part 3

These are the honorable mentions, people. They almost made it onto the two main CDs, but I just didn't have room to include them. Still, I find these songs amazing and will play them for my child whenever possible.

1. Alive - Drain sth (because every child needs to rock out to an all-girl Swedish metal band)

2. Beautiful Thieves - AFI (because I'm so obsessed with this song that I want to sing it on American Idol even though I'm too old to be on that show now)

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3. Cabaret - Cabaret (because why not let a child listen to a song from a Broadway musical about a prostitute, especially one played by Liza Minelli ... LIZA!!!!!!!!!)

4. Cheerleader - Deirdre Flint (because a child needs to learn sarcasm and satire at a young age)

5. The Way It Is - Nicole Atkins (because this woman's voice is AMAZING)

6. What Matters More - Derek Webb (because it's important to me to teach my child to not be a hypocritical Christian)

7. Born This Way - Lady Gaga (because this song ROCKS and how did this not make it onto the original two CDs?)

8. Winds of Change - Fitz & The Tantrums (because I love singing along to this song)

9. Legend of a Cowgirl - Imani Coppola (because this song was my anthem in 7th grade)

10. Kirksville Paradise - TruMen (because my child needs to know about where Mommy went to college)

11. I Dig Rock and Roll Music - Peter, Paul, and Mary (because I like the harmonies in this song and also want to sing it on American Idol - maybe I should just audition for The Voice?)

12. Champagne High - Sister Hazel (because the harmonies in this song are so pretty)

13. Back Here - BBMak (because Mommy rubbed Ste's stomach)

14. (Is This the Way to) Amarillo? - Tony Christie (because this song reminds Mommy of studying abroad)

15. 8x10 - Fefe Dobson (because if Mommy had been slightly crazier as a teenager, this slightly stalkerish song would have fit her to a T)

(Are you guys getting that when I say "Mommy", I mean me?)

16. Helena - My Chemical Romance (because I love the harmonies in this song)

17. The Siren Sings - The Anniversary (because this song is EPIC)

18. Engel - Rammstein (because what better way to teach a child German than through a German metal band?)

19. Private Emotion - Ricky Martin (because I LOVE the harmonies in this song and want to sing this song with Robin Thicke on that reality show Duets - is that show still on?)

20. All These Things That I Have Done - The Killers (because this song is EPIC times 2)

21. Our Song - Taylor Swift (because I wish that there had been a "Taylor Swift" when I was in high school)

22. The Show - Lenka (because the song has a great message about letting things go)

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23. Downtown - Petula Clark (because grandma stole my Petula Clark CD and I wanted to do an internship in New York so bad that I cried when I heard this song after not getting the internship - but I made it to New York anyway ... and now I wish Petula had a song called "Suburbs")

24. Old Enough to Know - Michael W. Smith (because I want to put "Picture Perfect" on here, but I'm afraid that the incredibly late 80s sound to the song will be off-putting to a child of the future, and I like the message behind "Old Enough to Know" - also because when I was in elementary school I had a huge crush on MWS and then I found out he was married and had about 100 children. Ick.)

25. Got the Feelin' - 5ive (because this song prominently features one of Mommy's first boyfriends, J. Brown, and there is counting in the song, which is a great learning tool for little kids! - Also when my I make my child watch my child willingly watches my 5ive VHS tape, at least he/she will know what the heck is going on.)

26. Buddy Holly - Weezer (because there was a summer when this was the only CD I listened to)

27. Just Like Heaven - The Cure (because I liked the song and then I found out what the song was about, and I liked it even more)

28. London - Third Eye Blind (because I just love the song even though I DO want to go to London)

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