Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sports-Themed Scrapbook Pages

As a female scrapbooker, my scrap stash tends to have lots of bright colors and fun patterns, all things that don't necessarily work well for boy- or sports-related scrapbook pages. And that's unfortunate because I always have lots of sports pictures to scrap. I am married to a Yankees fan, after all!

So I was really excited to find a $3 Colorbok page kit at Big Lots the other day that was sports-themed. Added to the St. Louis Cardinals scrap stuff sent to me by my mom and I was able to make LOADS of pages to scrap two different baseball outings.

Let's start at the beginning. This first layout is about the journey my husband and I took to get to Safeco Field in Seattle. We were ALMOST THERE, and then this train came along and just kept moving back and forth, back and forth over the train tracks. Well, of course, in order to get to the baseball stadium, we needed to cross those train tracks and we couldn't until the train got out of our way!! Geesh!

I saw that "seriously?" in another scrapbook pack and saved it for use on this specific layout.

Next up, actually being inside Safeco Field. It's a cool stadium with what looked to be a Dale Chihuly glass baseball bat sculpture hanging from the ceiling when you enter. And there was gluten-free food!

And now onto Busch Stadium, home of the greatest baseball team EVER.

My parents and I went to a playoff game last October. We braved the cold and got our picture taken next to the World Series trophy!! (Too bad the Cards didn't hold onto that one in 2012.)

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