Sunday, April 14, 2013

My husband is 30 today!!!!!

Today is my husband's 30th birthday! 30! I know! And I'm not far behind. So because he turned 30, I decided to treat him like a 3-year-old. And I made this fun Happy Birthday balloon banner that I saw in Real Simple. The Real Simple version used construction paper letters to spell out "Happy Birthday" on the balloons, but I just drew the letters on the balloons with a Sharpie. 

The balloons also have confetti in them! The balloons in Real Simple seemed a bit more see-through, but I couldn't find clear balloons, so I just bought white ones. I think next time I'll put more confetti in each balloon, but I wasn't sure how much was needed. If you got up close to the balloons, you could definitely tell there was confetti in there.

Happy 30th birthday, hubby! I hope you get all your wishes this year! (And enjoyed the flourless chocolate cake I made for you.)

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