Friday, March 22, 2013

Good Morning, Breakfast

20 minutes. That's how long I have to make/eat breakfast on weekday mornings. Between 5:30 a.m. and 5:50 a.m., I allow myself time to eat something before continuing to get ready for my day. It's not a whole lot of time. In the past, I used to pour myself a bowl of cereal and call it a day. But I wanted to find more filling, nutritious breakfast options that I could make in a snap.

First up, whole grain/whole wheat frozen waffles with a syrup made of maple syrup and frozen blueberries and pecans sprinkled on top. I found the recipe on Add a glass of almond milk with it and you're good to go!

I also found a recipe on for omeletes with turkey bacon and spinach. I kind of cheated on this one a little. I have a microwavable omelet maker and it is seriously the best invention. 


But in order to use it, I needed to whisk up three eggs, not one egg and 2 egg whites as the Fitness recipe calls for. WHATEVER. I also didn't buy turkey bacon because we had some real bacon bits in the fridge, so I just used those, tore up some spinach, popped in the microwave, and DONE. It takes about 5 minutes to make an omelet with my microwavable omelet maker. (And that thing is dishwasher-safe, which is AWESOME.) Nothing like making my mornings (and life) easier.

What do you guys eat for breakfast? Need inspiration? I have tons of breakfast recipes on my Good Morning, Breakfast Pinterest board, from quick morning meals to lazy Sunday morning brunch recipes. Check it out and tell me what looks good to you!

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