Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say My Name, Say My Name

It's been awhile since I made a layout for my Book of Me. I had wanted to do them more often, but... So here is my latest layout: a collage of Starbucks cups taken throughout 2012 and the wonderful spellings of my name.

I like to take pictures of the many ways Starbucks spells my name. They did a decent job in 2012, although, even if they spelled it right, they didn't always say it right. And then, of course, there were the times I was "Mauri" (right vowel sounds, wrong starting letter) and "Shrvil." Okay, SHRVIL is not even a name! That was pretty awkward when the girl who made my drink called out that name. I was the only one standing there waiting for a beverage, but SHRVIL is most definitely not even close to my name. So we determined that it was in fact my beverage by the girl telling me what the beverage was. (Pumpkin spice latte, if you must know.)

I don't drink at Starbucks that often - really, only if I have a gift card - but I make sure to take a picture each time. In the past, before iPod Touch and iPhone days, I missed some real doozies: Marti, Laurory. I plan to do a collage-style layout like this every year. Too fun!

For the blue dots on the bottom of the cardstock, I took an empty sticker sheet that had been full of circles, placed it on the cardstock, and rubbed a blue stamp over the circular holes. It was kind of a pain getting the sticker sheet off, but I liked that I was able to use it for something else before throwing it away.

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