Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Resolutions, Just Projects for 2013

Instead of making a list of resolutions for 2013, I am making a list of projects that I want to complete in the new year. Here goes:

1. buy door mat for sliding glass door in the living room
2. paint the guest bedroom and buy a bed and mattress
3. remove another wall and a half of wallpaper in the craft room
4. paint the trim on the wall in the living room/dining room
5. apply to be on an HGTV show
6. fix/redo the master bathroom shower stall
7. buy an electric drill to hang a curtain rod (buy) and curtains (buy)
8. attempt to make my own roman shades for dining room windows
9. buy 3M Command Strips for hanging picture frames in the bedroom
10. buy more white picture frames for the bedroom
11. buy color and black ink for the printer to print out pictures and finish some scrapbook pages
12. spend 15 minutes a day writing my novel
13. move the side table from the basement to the reading room
14. make a book wreath for the reading room

If there is time and money:
1. buy a new dining room table set
2. buy a side table, lamp, and armchair for the living room and hang a picture on the wall

Are you making a list of New Year's Resolutions? Or do you, like me, think a list of home projects seems more manageable than, say, not eating chocolate every day?

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