Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Daily 2012

I am SO excited about my December Daily album for 2012. I think I might like it even better than the one I did last year! I had gotten a mini Christmas album kit awhile ago for free and it had three chipboard "pages" held together by D-rings. So that made it really easy to take apart and add extra pages! And add extras I did! Even though I didn't have pictures for EVERY day of December, I still had quite a bit to fit on those three double-sided chipboard pieces, but luckily I was able to find other ways to add extra pages.

First off, I repeat, I did NOT do pictures for every day of December. I managed to do it last year, but this year, I just felt that I didn't want anything to be forced. I didn't want to be manufacturing memories just so that I could put something in my December Daily. So if something Christmas-y happened on a particular day, I documented it. If nothing happened, then I didn't put anything in the album for those days. NO BIG DEAL.

Second, here's what I mean about adding extra pages. I did a Christmas tree lighting and carol singing event in our community and decided to include the program from the event in my album to accompany the picture that I took. So I just punched holes in the top of the program and slid the D-rings through the holes.

I "adopted" a child through the USPS's Operation Santa program and really wanted to include the letter to Santa that the child wrote. So I punched holes in an envelope, used the envelope as my scrapbook page, and slipped the letter inside the envelope.

I also attended a holiday cookie event and was given a recipe card for the cookies that we baked. Because I was worried about space on the chipboard, I decided to turn the recipe card into a page. I put the picture from the event and journaling on the back side of the recipe card.

And somehow I had gotten some free holiday card samples from VistaPrint (I honestly do not know how or when I got those!) so I decided to punch holes in the top of one and use it as a page in my album. I put pictures and journaling on the back blank side of the card.

Then there were the Christmas cards! Last year I did not put them in my December Daily. In fact, I only kept the ones that included pictures of family and friends and got rid of the rest! Oops! But with this ingenious D-ring album, it was so easy to punch holes in the cards and add them to the album!

I love the thickness and the unevenness of my December Daily album! It's certainly different from any other album that I've made. And I'm glad that I've got the pictures and the cards and ephemera from the holiday season all together in one little album! I will definitely enjoy looking back through this one for many years to come.

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