Sunday, December 30, 2012

Layout First, Then Photos

Usually, I wait to see what pictures I have before I start scrapping. But in some rare cases, like when I just want to use up some stuff and move it out of my stash, that I design a layout without having any pictures for it. That's what happened with the following layouts. Some of the papers come from the same collection, and I just wanted to use them up so that the paper pad didn't take up space in my paper drawer. So I went through my sketch sketchbook and just started putting paper and embellishments down. A few months later, I had a bunch of pictures printed, and to make it easy to get them scrapped, I whipped out my pre-made layouts to see if any of the pictures would fit. And they did! 

Such an easy way to get multiple layouts finished. And during those times when you don't have any pictures to scrap but want to get crafty with your stash, just make some pre-made layouts! Then you're ready to go for whatever and whenever! 

Do any of you scrap like this? What are your feelings? Layout before pictures or always pictures first?

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