Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cover Girl blastflipstick Review

I love the smell of lipstick. I usually don't wear it. I'm more a lip gloss or lip balm girl. But when I was invited to participate in the Cover Girl blastflipstick Bzz Campaign, I couldn't turn it down. It just sounded so cool, and here's why!

It's two lipsticks in one! Each blastflipstick boasts dual ends, with a creamy, bold color on one side and a shimmery shade on the other. You can wear the two colors individually or layer them for a one of a kind look, even trying the trendy "ombre" look on your lips. There are 13 colorful, complementary and expertly matched shade duos to choose from. And each one has a moisturizing formula that mixes perfectly without feeling heavy or dry.

Blastflipstick was created by expert make-up artist and Cover Girl Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath. McGrath says, "Lip color blending is key backstage [at fashion shows] because it gives me the power to design unique, high-fashion looks to complement any style. I love that Cover Girl blastflipstick empowers everyone to create their own signature look every day."

wearing the shimmery pink of Vixen
So how did I fare playing make-up artist with the blastflipstick?

I received three samples to try out. The first I tried was called Stunner. One side is a bold pinkish color, while the other side is a shimmery peach. Now, I wasn't really sure what to do with it at first because the lipstick itself doesn't come with instructions. But I did have a Bzz Campaign booklet that told me to put on the creamy color first, then layer on the shimmery color. So that's what I did: creamy pink color and then the shimmery peach. But you couldn't really tell that I was wearing two colors unless you got up SUPER close to my lips. It certainly looked nothing like the way Sofia Vergara's looked in the advertisement picture above.

I do like both of Stunner's colors on their own. The pink is a little bright, perhaps too bright for my skin tone, but if I keep the rest of my makeup fairly neutral, I think I could pull it off.

Then I tried Vixen. One side is a light and shimmery pink, and the other side is sort of a dark and shimmery fuchsia. Now, if I had gone by the directions to put on the creamy bold color and add the shimmery color, I would have ended up with the same situation as before. So instead I put on the light color and added a few dabs of the fuchsia, using the picture on my coupon as inspiration. It did give my lips some depth and drama, but after only a few hours, it faded away. My lips still had color, but it just looked like I was wearing a single color. I actually think that the dual effects look better on people with fuller lips. My lips are so thin that you couldn't really see the effect that well.
the shimmery pink layered with the fuchsia

I do like both colors of the Vixen blastflipstick and would definitely wear them individually.

The third one was called Minx and it has a shimmery gold color on one end and a dark chocolatey color on the other. First I tried them individually. The gold color doesn't really work on me. I did like the chocolate color - very dramatic, though probably best suited for evening.

What I liked about all the colors is that they weren't heavy. Usually I reapply lip balm throughout the day to keep my lips moist, but there was enough moisture in the blastflipsticks that I just reapplied with them.

The Cover Girl blastflipstick is available in most groceries, drug stores, and major retailers. The suggested retail price is $8.49. If you want to try out blastflipstick for yourself and at a discount, I've got a limited number of $2 off coupons. Let me know if you'd like some! First come, first served!

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