Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tags/Ornaments

I was inspired by this post at Counterfeit Kit Challenge to get crafty with some extra star-shaped cookie cutters that I had in my scrap closet. A few years ago, I had purchased the cookie cutters and attempted to make a star cookie cutter wreath. Well, the wreath lasted all of 10 seconds before falling apart, so I scrapped that idea. But I didn't scrap the cookie cutters. And since they had hot glue gun residue on them, I didn't want to actually use them to make cookies. So I finally decided that I needed to do something with them and get them out of my house! I wiped off the hot glue gun residue and traced the cookie cutter outline onto patterned Christmas scrapbook paper. I tied either white or red yarn to the top to make a loop for hanging on a package or Christmas tree. Then, using regular Elmer's glue, I glued the patterned paper onto the cookie cutter and added word stickers and other embellishments. Basically, I used the same technique that went into making my photo cookie cutter ornaments. These are a cute way to jazz up your Christmas presents this year! And they can be reused next holiday season by your gift recipients either as a gift tag or ornament. Or you can ask for them back and reuse them yourself. Ha!

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  1. These are so cute that I doubt that you'd be able to get the recipients to give them back. LOL Really cute project! Thanks for sharing.