Monday, November 26, 2012

Homemade Makeup Brush Container

the mess before
I've decided that I'm going to complete one new craft project from Pinterest every weekend. I already shared with you my Christmas Lantern, and I've got another project that I completed the other weekend. This is a makeup brush container for holding, well, makeup brushes.

Prior to this, my makeup brushes were kept in a plastic container in a drawer. They were always falling out of the container and getting all messed up in the drawer, so I wanted to find a better way of storing them. And, of course, Pinterest came to my rescue.

the painted can
This was a very easy craft to make. I deviated a little bit from the original post. The original instructions were to use Mod Podge to cover the inside and outside of a can with scrapbook paper. Well, I didn't really think that was necessary, so I just painted the outside of my can. (It once held diced tomatoes or something, but I cleaned it out prior to use.) I had some sample sizes of Behr paint from when we my parents painted our bedroom. I just used one of those colors (which I will hopefully use on the bathroom walls some day) on the can. Then I used a hot glue gun to glue little marbles/stones (that I already owned) all around the can. And that was it.

I've seen lots of other makeup brush and makeup container storage ideas on Pinterest, including magnetic makeup boards made out of a baking sheet and, you guessed it, magnets. I like that idea, but I'm not sure how I would incorporate it into my bathroom. It's a little hard to figure out especially considering our master bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover. So perhaps once we figure out how/when we'll be fixing up the master bathroom, the magnetic makeup board will make sense.

Until then, I like my cute little makeup brush container. It fits perfectly on my counter and looks nice enough to stay on display. Plus, it was super easy to put together, and those are my kind of crafts!

Although, now that my brushes are on display, I think it's probably time I purchased new makeup brushes.

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