Saturday, November 10, 2012

From Amusement Parks to Parties

On our summer vacation, we went to Knott's Berry Farm and I found this great amusement park/Snoopy-themed scrapbook kit in the gift shop. It became my souvenir from the vacation. The kit was a great deal - patterned paper, solid paper, large word titles, glue stick, 3D embellishment stickers, regular stickers, and journaling spots. 

While a lot of it was Snoopy- and Peanuts-related (Knott's Berry Farm uses the Peanuts characters as mascots), much of it could be used for scrapbooking other things. Such as scrapping pictures of the other amusement park we visited, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

And I still had enough left over to scrap a non-amusement park layout. Here is one of some friends at a recent party we hosted.

Don't you just love getting the most out of scrapbook kits??!!

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