Thursday, November 22, 2012

Barefoot Contessa's Green Salad Vinaigrette

A few months ago, I found some recipes from Barefoot Contessa's Ina Garten in the September issue of Oprah. (Can I make a confession? When I first started watching Barefoot Contessa, I thought the subtitle of the show was "In a Garten". It took me awhile to realize that it was actually the woman's name: Ina Garten. Der.)

The Green Salad Vinaigrette recipe is super easy and you might already have all the ingredients on hand. It would make a great dressing for your Thanksgiving Day side salad, if you're going to serve one. And the recipe also gives a little tip that I never knew: When you're serving a salad for a dinner party, put the vinaigrette in the bottom of a serving bowl and place the greens on top. This can sit for an hour or two. When you're ready to serve, toss the greens and serve immediately. I like that tip!

The other recipe that I liked from this magazine feature was Barefoot Contessa's Carrot Cake with Ginger Mascarpone Frosting. Doesn't that sound delicious? Now I just need a reason to bake it.

What's your favorite Barefoot Contessa recipe or show episode?

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!

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