Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More from the Grand Canyon

I'm not going to lie. I took about 80 pictures at the Grand Canyon. And that was only one stop on our vacation. CLEARLY, I can't scrap all 80 pictures. So I picked the best ones and made as many pages as I could for them using what I had in the page kit I purchased. Now the page kit is done, and I have a grand (ha ha GRAND, get it?) total of four pages for the Grand Canyon pictures. I am planning on creating a pocket page so that I can put our Grand Canyon map/brochure in there, and I'll probably have room for one more picture on that page. 

First photo: a helicopter making a delivery of supplies in the Canyon; Second photo: our bikes!;
Third photo: a storm was brewing across the Canyon

I love that star cut-out paper!

The other pictures I will put in a multi-picture photo frame, and then hang it on a wall somewhere in our house. I realized that I don't frame pictures anymore. Everything gets printed out and put in a scrapbook. Which is fine, but our walls are bare and I would like to showcase some of our pictures in a more accessible way. So that's my plan. Oh, so many plans and not enough time. What "grand" plans do you have?

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