Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're Growing!

Growums taco kit
We're growing herbs and vegetables! I received two Growums kits through work: one is an herb kit and one is a taco kit. Growums kits are supposed to make it easy for kids to grow their own food, but I thought maybe it would also make it easy for me because I have no green thumb of which to speak. The taco kit seems to be doing very well. Our fireball tomatoes and cilantro are already sprouting, and the jalapenos and simpson lettuce are trying. In the herb kit, well, it's taking a bit longer to sprout. One sweet basil and one cilantro is starting, but the parsley and oregano are doing nothing. So, we'll see. Now, before I started these, I didn't realize I would have to move these things from the tray to the ground. I thought you just grew them in their little tray. So this is probably not the season to grow herbs and veggies outside. But... Oh well! We'll see what happens!

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