Monday, September 17, 2012

Scrap Space - Work in Progress

I've been seeing a lot of scrap spaces on the scrapbook blogs I follow, so I thought I would share my scrap space! It isn't very conducive to scrapbooking right now because I am still in the process of removing wallpaper, and a lot of the storage units I use are broken and in need of repair. Hopefully, when all the wallpaper is off and a fresh coat of paint is on the walls, I can really put this room together as my own space.

I have one wall of wallpaper fully removed, and, as you can see, I'm about halfway done with the second wall. That only leaves two more walls! The wall in this picture is behind my desk, and what I want to do with it is make it a chalkboard wall so that I can write sketches and titles and other notes to myself without having to use up paper. I have piles and piles of paper with sketches and notes, but it's all so disorganized and then I forget about them because I don't see them. A chalkboard wall would be super helpful, and we can keep it up if we ever have to change this room into a nursery/child's room. The rest of the walls I want to paint a sort of minty green, which is also a good neutral "kid" color.

Here's the first wall that I finished and the closet. Everything you see inside this closet has to go. We need two new filing cabinets because the ones we have (that we inherited with the house) don't have full sides inside the drawers. So you can put file folders in the drawers, but they don't stand upright because the tops of the folders have nothing to hang onto. We need REAL filing cabinets that hold file folders. 

I also want a white bookcase for putting scrapbooks that I'm working on, my books about scrapbooking, and my VHS collection. (I like watching videos while I scrap.) Right now, all my scrap supplies are in (broken) Rubbermaid containers. The big one you see in the closet has been with me since college, and it is not doing so hot. The smaller ones on top of it are fine and could easily fit on my desk. I've got some pins on Pinterest for office/scrap room organizing, so hopefully I can implement a bunch of those once this room is ready for that.

What's going on in your scrap spaces?

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