Friday, September 21, 2012


I can't express to you just how much I love love love love page kits. They make scrapbooking so easy. Everything is together, everything coordinates. EASY EASY EASY.

I made a "party" page kit a few months ago using items from my stash. I figured that if I found stuff that went together, I'd easily be able to scrap pictures of birthdays or, in the case of this layout, bachelorette parties.

This was a cute bachelorette party, and the matron of honor (the bride actually called her the Best Woman) really went all out to plan it. We did a scavenger hunt through a town in New Jersey, going store to store to find clues that would lead us to the next spot. Along the way, there was a free wine tasting and prizes that everyone who went to the party divvied up at the end. (I ended up with a cute yoga tank top and silver Bobbi Brown eye shadow. Yep, we went to Bobbi Brown's makeup studio.) The end was probably my favorite part - a chocolate tasting!! We sampled different chocolates from around the world, and each chocolate was supposed to be eaten a certain way. For example, one chocolate we had to just let melt on our tongues. It was delicious! There was a dinner after that, but I couldn't go. I'm sure it, too, was delicious!

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