Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homemade Ice Pack

I made ANOTHER thing from Pinterest! I am really on a roll with making crafty projects, food, and now a homemade ice pack, courtesy of Pinterest.

After I stretch, I have to ice my hip/thigh.
The homemade ice pack seemed like a good idea to me because a) we didn't have an ice pack to use for injuries and b) I had pulled my IT Band, which I guess is a muscle in my thigh that runs from my hip to my knee. Part of my at-home physical therapy was to ice my leg every night for 15-20 minutes. Kind of hard to do with a lunch box cold pack. SO, I made my own large ice pack.

All you need is 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water inside a freezer bag. (To fill my bag, I did 6 parts water to 2 parts rubbing alcohol.) The rubbing alcohol gets cold but it doesn't freeze hard, which allows you to manipulate it. Science! My ice pack is green because the rubbing alcohol I purchased was green. It was green because it was for massage and contained menthol or something minty. I just picked it up and went with it. Now my ice pack smells minty, which is nice to smell while I'm lying on my side on my yoga mat for 20 minutes.

Click on the picture below for all the easy-peasy details:

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