Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gluten-Free at Seattle's Safeco Field

If you're a gluten-free baseball fan, and you find yourself in Seattle wanting to see a Seattle Mariners game, have no fear about where to eat! Safeco Field has a gluten-free food stand. And it is easy to find once you get into the stadium! You can get a gluten-free mariner dog, club sandwich, soup, or hummus platter as well as snacks. The stand also has vegetarian options. While The Natural, as the food stand is called, didn't have a great combo option like at the San Francisco Giants' AT&T Field, we still appreciated that there was a gluten-free option at all.

It has also come to our attention that Yankee Stadium has a new gluten-free food stand. My husband got a gluten-free hot dog and Italian sausage there! No longer does he have to wait 20 minutes for a gluten-free pizza at the gluten-free Famiglia pizza stand. Yeah for fast gluten-free food!

The Natural at Safeco Field - right on the main seating level


  1. enjoyed reading your blog today! we are a gluten free family (but on the other side of the country)!