Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chicken Sausage and Rigatoni

Technically this recipe was supposed to star Johnsonville Three Cheese Italian Style Chicken Sausage. Here is why it doesn't: that sausage is not gluten-free.

So then it was supposed to star the gluten-free Johnsonville Pork & Chicken Sausage. Here is why it doesn't: my local A&P doesn't carry that kind of chicken sausage.

So here is what it DOES star: the always-gluten-free Premio Italian Style Chicken Sausage - Sweet. I love Premio sausage.

The recipe is also supposed to include a chopped red bell pepper and cooked broccoli. Well, I don't like cooked broccoli (give it to me RAW) and I'm not especially fond of eating peppers.

So here is what my very adapted recipe does include:

8 ounces of gluten-free pasta (rigatoni, penne, swirly kind - just not spaghetti or fettucini)
1 package of Premio Italian Style Chicken Sausage - Sweet
1/2 cup Italian dressing (we like Ken's)
grated Parmesan cheese

And here is how you do it:

1. Cook the pasta according to the package directions.
2. In large skillet, combine sausage and Italian dressing. Cook over medium heat until heated through.
3. Drain pasta. Transfer to a large bowl.
4. Add the sausage to the pasta and toss.
5. Sprinkle with cheese.

If you want to sprinkle in some red pepper flakes at some point during the cooking process, be my guest. In fact, that's what I did, and it saved me time cutting up and de-seeding a stupid pepper.

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