Friday, May 18, 2012


edited in PicMonkey - love the crumpled Polaroid
look and tinting on this one
I decided to try out some of the Picnik alternatives I posted about a few weeks ago. First up, PicMonkey. It was created by former Picnik people, so there are lots of similarities. But also some cool new features, especially the touch-up effects for people in photos, such as shine reduce, highlights, mascara, and spray tan. Pretty cool!

You don't need to register to use PicMonkey. Just upload a photo and get editing. You save the photos right to your own computer.

Some of the features are "Royale", which means you have to have a paid account in order to access them. BUT those features are FREE until further notice. I guess PicMonkey is still sort of in its start-up phase, so not everything is fully together. They are also still working on a collage option.

before PicMonkey

after: I got my neck and chest the perfect shade of Jersey orange,
my forehead is less shiny, I whitened my teeth, AND added blush.

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