Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chalkboard Walls

The other night I was reading the cover story about organizing in the June issue of Real Simple. One of the suggestions was that if you have no cabinet space in your kitchen, paint a chalkboard wall, line it with shelves, and write labels on the wall so you know what dishes go where. I couldn't find the exact picture online, but I did find some other great chalkboard kitchen wall images.

from thekitchn

from Murray Mitchell

from The Hyperbalist

I have plenty of cabinet space in my kitchen, so I don't think I'll be painting one wall with chalkboard paint. But what I really want to do is paint one wall of my scrap room with chalkboard paint, and then draw sketches and ideas and other stuff on it. But first I need to remove the wallpaper. I've been removing the wallpaper from one wall in there since September. Yep. Good times.

Anyone else have a chalkboard wall in their house? I prefer the black paint over the traditional schoolroom green. What brand/color of paint did you use and would you recommend it?

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  1. I don't have a chalkboard wall, and probably won't paint one, but what I *would* like to do is paint a table with chalkboard paint (for the kids). When they're doing their homework (math or other problem solving, specifically--or *whatever*--they can use the table to write on. I think its brilliant! And, on that note, when they are old enough, their play room will be converted into a homework space!