Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I finally got around to painting in our dining room/living room. We have two "frames" on the walls, and I had seen something in a Home Depot or Lowe's commercial where they painted the inside of the "frame" one color and the outside a different color. So the plan is to have the brick red color within the "frames", the trim is going to be a cream color, and the walls are going to be a "latte" color. All of these colors coordinate with a decorative wall hanging, which you can't see in this photo, that my mother-in-law gave my husband when he moved into his first place. 

I think for it being my first time and for working with kind of a difficult color, it turned out pretty good! I did the first coat while my husband was away on a trip, and when he came home he said, "What did you do here?" And I said, "I painted!" And he said, "Did I sign off on this color?" And I said, "The color sample has been up on the wall for months." Literally it had been up since September of last year. And he said, "I don't really care what color you pick." And I said, "That's right!!"

I'm excited to continue painting, but we'll have to hold off on the other two paint colors until I redeem some more credit card reward points for Visa gift cards. 

Disclaimer: I still have the tape up in this picture because I was waiting for the paint to dry before removing it. Also, excuse our mess. Instead of cleaning, I painted. Oh, and those curtains are being tossed in the garbage - unless one of you wants them - but we don't have new curtains/blinds picked out yet. Work in progress!

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