Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did you know that zucchini is a squash?

I did not know that zucchini is a type of squash because I've never bought zucchini before. But I needed it for this Lemony Fusilli with Chicken, Zucchini, and Pine Nuts, and when I went to the grocery store, the store had it listed as green squash zucchini style.

Anyway, this recipe is from the June 2010 issue of Fitness magazine. I'm really breaking out the old recipes now. I have a whole folder filled with recipes that I ripped out of magazines, and some of those recipes I don't end up making right away. Oops.

For this recipe, I had to do a little adapting. Obviously, we used gluten-free pasta. I didn't use pine nuts, and if you read my post about it from last week, then you know why. Instead of fresh basil leaves, I just used the kind that comes in the seasoning jar. I also left out the scallions.

This was really good! My husband went back for seconds. Something to note: when you make this, use a LARGE skillet, preferably one with sides. My skillet was not big enough, but I didn't realize this until halfway through the recipe. Next time I will use my giant Calphalon saute pan with the sides. Also, I think I will cut down on the salt. I thought the finished product was a tad salty for my tastes. I love salt, but it sort of overpowered the other flavors a bit. Oh, and I didn't peel my lemon rind into strips. I just grated it, and it worked out fine.

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