Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Penne with Ricotta Cheese and Greens

I don't remember what magazine I got this recipe out of, but I did find a link to the recipe online at the Williams-Sonoma website, of all places. This is a really easy one-pot dish that is perfect if you like pasta but aren't into heavy sauces. The sauce is just made up of olive oil, lemon juice, grated Parmesan cheese, and Ricotta cheese. It looks yummy and it tastes yummy too. So click on the above link to see the whole recipe.

My adaptations:
1. I used gluten-free pasta, of course. They didn't have penne at the grocery store so I went with fusili.
2. Instead of Tuscan kale, I used spinach.
3. I left out the shallot and thyme.
4. Instead of grated lemon zest, I just poured in some lemon juice.
5. The recipe says to boil the greens until they are tender, 30 seconds to six minutes. For the spinach, I found that three minutes was a good amount of time.

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