Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dressed for Spring

So I've been cutting out pictures of clothes from magazines and putting them in my little notebook/lookbook as inspiration for creating some outfits. I only cut out stuff that is affordable and available at stores where I like to shop. (So essentially everything in Marie Claire and sometimes Glamour stays in the magazine. Hello Redbook and Real Simple!) Normally I do this and never purchase anything, but I had some gift cards to help me out. So I've already created two new spring outfits that I hope to wear when my husband and I go on a three-day weekend vacation next month. I essentially bought what the magazines told me to buy. Wanna see what I got?

I used a $25 Visa gift card (thanks, credit card reward points) for this boatneck top at Gap. Mine is navy with hot pink stripes.

Then I used a second $25 Visa gift card to pay for a pair of Indigo Rein green jeans from the junior's (gasp) section at Macy's. These are not available online for some reason. I have also seen them at Marshall's, but they didn't have my size. Old Navy just got a bunch of its Rock Star skinny jeans in green back in stock, so you could also try those.

And then to finish off this outfit, I purchased (with my own money) these snakeskin Steve Madden flats at DSW. Only $39.95 compared to $50. And I signed up for DSW's free rewards program. YES.

Because I wanted to make the most out of my green jeans, I also purchased a second top to wear with them. I got this top in yellow at Old Navy in the Clearance section for $5.99 (with some of the money from our change jar). Yes, that is cheaper than what they are selling it for online, and I didn't have to pay shipping.

My next outfit began with some teal pants that a magazine told me were at The Limited, but a quick online search proved that wrong. Luckily, I was looking online at Loft and what did I find? Cropped teal pants! And did I have $75 in gift cards to the Loft? OH YES I DID. So I went and got these pants. I decided that the yellow shirt I got from Old Navy would look cute with these, but I wanted to make sure I had something else to go with them, so I also bought this striped shirt in white and grey-ish. To top it all off, that day the store was giving everyone 30% off their entire order. So I got $74 worth of stuff for $50 and I STILL have money left on a gift card. YES!

Oh and there was a coupon in a magazine for a pair of New York & Company pants for $10. So I went and bought a new pair of black dress/work pants for $10!!!! (Did I mention that was also on the day that I got a free pretzel from Auntie Anne's because it was Free Pretzel Day?)

I love deals!

What are you guys jonesing for this spring? Do you use the same technique as me? I guess you could call it the non-digital form of Pinterest, huh? But I like being able to take my notebook with me so that I can see what it is I'm looking for and then mark it off when I buy it (or when I try it on and it looks terrible, as happened with two dresses at Gap).

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  1. Cute ideas! I love that you call it a non-digital form of Pinterest. At Christmas I was talking to my mother-in-law about an ornament she'd made years ago that I happened to see on a blog and she mentioned she got the idea from a Craft magazine way back when. In mock shock, I asked, "Is that what people used before Pinterest?!" ;) Love it.