Sunday, February 26, 2012

Are you Smarterer than me?

As a BzzAgent, I get to try new things and then review them for you! One of the latest campaigns I'm participating in is for a website called Smarterer. The purpose of this site is to test your digital, social, and technical knowledge and see if you know more than your cubiclemate and friends. For example, the site tests you on your knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, and Google Search. The company's website says: "People are rapidly accumulating a new set of digital and technical skills that make them valuable and effective in today's workforce, yet no one is measuring or validating these skills. As consumers we need an easy way to enhance our reputation collateral. As employers, we hire based on work history and personality metrics, but are missing the key criteria that prove people's ability to use the tools needed to be successful."

It's kind of fun! Here is what I found out about myself after taking a few tests:

For Facebook, I ranked proficient! I got 541 points and am in the top 64 percent of proficient users.

For Google Search, I ranked expert with 703 points and that was after only about five questions! (I search through Google exclusively.)

For PowerPoint, I ranked familiar with 309 points. And I guessed at the answers for some of the questions.

And for the 80s Trivia test (not sure what that has to do with "digital, social, and technical knowledge" but hey, it was fun to take!), I scored expert. I got 714 points!

Now I can always improve my score by answering more questions or adding good questions of my own to the tests.

This is a fun website for those of us who use these types of technical and digital programs on a regular basis. I actually learned information about stuff I use everyday. For example, did you know that the Google search engine was originally called Backrub?

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