Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Daily 11

Dec. 11: We went to see a Gingerbread Wonderland today! It's a local gingerbread house (and other creations) show at an arboretum. Local adults, kids, families, scouts, and school groups create something out of gingerbread and candy and enter it into the show. Visitors then vote on what creation they like best. Here was our pick for No. 1:

It was based off of Angry Birds, but it was called Merry Birds and instead of green pigs, there were reindeer! SO CUTE! It was very hard to choose which one we liked best because there were so many great contenders. Here is another one I liked:

A Harry Potter gingerbread creation! Someone also made the house from Up, complete with colored marshmallows attached to dry spaghetti for the balloons coming out of the chimney. Very creative stuff.

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  1. This would have been a blast to see all these, so cool.
    I love minatures, so much detail.