Thursday, November 3, 2011


So over the weekend it snowed on the East Coast. A lot in some places. And it knocked out the power to thousands of people, including us.

We were in Virginia for a wedding on Saturday when it snowed, so we weren't trapped inside our house, but when we came back on Sunday....

After I took this picture, our  neighbor pulled down the branch so that it wasn't left hanging.

This tree has sort of popped back up but it is still leaning. Thankfully, away from the house.
We've got another tree on the side of the house with broken branches that, thankfully, fell away from the house. (Who plants trees right next to a house?) And there was no power, which meant no heat. So we booked it to my in-laws' house, which did have power but no cable, TV, or internet. Thankfully our power came back Tuesday (and the ground beef in our freezer is still frozen and edible) so we were able to move back into our home and resume as normal. But there is still a lot of destruction, mainly downed trees and power lines, and many roads are closed. Not to mention that a lot of people still have no power and might not get it back until Friday. The hotels in our area were completely booked. And it's not even winter weather season yet.

Here are some other destruction pictures near where my in-laws live in New Jersey. Mike's dad said it looked like a nuclear bomb site.

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