Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inspiration from Deana

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This week's inspiration is going to be a little different. Instead of doing a scraplift, I'm going to "lift" a technique from Deana and use it on my layouts.

Deana mainly types her journaling, which is something I don't tend to do. I always get the size wrong, plus I don't mind writing everything out by hand. Although, that does get problematic when I write something on a journaling spot and misspell a word. I like the look of typed journaling, though, and want to incorporate it more into my scrapping.

Here's what Deana has to say about her typed journaling:

"If I'm printing my journaling onto a sticker, journal tag, etc., I'll print onto regular printer paper first. Then I'll adhere my sticker, tag or whatever I'm using onto the journaling I just printed and send it back through the printer.

Other times I'll insert a journaling box onto my page using Word and then type my journaling inside that box.

I'm sure there's a more exact science to this for getting the sizing right, but I usually just keep changing the font or area of my text and then reprinting until I get it right!"

And here is how I used typed journaling on my page:

I always like the look of journaling on thin strips of paper, so that's what I did here (making sure to leave lots of space around each line of text to make it easier to cut after I printed it). This layout is about the 25 songs I listen to most (as of last month) on my iPod, plus three honorable mentions because I've been listening to those songs a lot, too, but clearly not enough to make the top 25 list.

How do you guys journal? Do you handwrite or type? What are your tips for typing out journaling? Share with us in the comments!

For more journaling and design inspiration, check out Deana's gallery and her blog. And come back Friday for a fun party recipe.


  1. very cute! i am working with that paper right now! it is so ucte