Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Get Crumby!

Many of the recipes I make call for bread crumbs. Because I need to use gluten-free bread crumbs, this can get expensive. But I have a way to make my own bread crumbs should the need arise. This isn't a new idea. Maybe some of you already do this to save some money at the grocery store. But if you own a small food processor, just take the ends of a loaf of bread, tear them up, place them in the food processor, and pulse until the bread pieces are small crumbs. This works great for us because my husband always ends up with one loan end piece of his gluten-free bread. What are you gonna do with it? Make bread crumbs! I own a Procter-Silex Food Chopper, which is great for chopping up all kinds of things. If you don't own one of these inexpensive devices, might I recommend you get one? What are some cooking shortcuts that you use in your house? Share in the comments!

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