Friday, October 14, 2011

White Wedding Cake Cupcakes

Kat says that she's more of a baker than a cook, and so she's sharing with us her favorite cupcake recipe. This recipe for White Wedding Cake Cupcakes comes from the website Recipe Girl. A tip from Kat: she thinks they are best when they’re a day old!

These are really tasty and very soft. I adapted the recipe to make it gluten-free: just used a box of Betty Crocker gluten-free yellow cake mix and all-purpose gluten-free flour. For the frosting, I used a can of Betty Crocker Whipped Cream Cheese frosting, which is gluten-free. 

Don't make fun of my frosting skills. The gluten-free stuff doesn't rise as much as regular stuff, so the cupcakes were a little deep in the cupcake liners. And that makes it hard to get the knife on top of the cupcake to frost. I ended up frosting the liners more than the cupcakes! If you're fancy, you could use a pastry bag or fashion one out of a Ziploc bag. But I don't have time for that sort of thing. I do have time to eat the cupcakes! Yum!


Thanks to Kat for being part of Cook Scrap Craft this weekDon't forget to visit Kat's blog and gallery for creative inspiration! And let me know if there are any questions you have for the scrappers or if there is a particular scrapper you'd like to see featured.

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