Saturday, October 22, 2011

What Do You Scrap?

Recently I had a conversation with someone about scrapbooking and a very interesting question was posed to me: You don't have any kids, so what do you scrap?


It's true. My camera (and now my iPod Touch) go EVERYWHERE with me. Baseball games. Concerts. Outings with friends. Weddings. Vacations. My feelings. If there's a chance to take a photo, I will take that photo. And then scrap it.

So I made a layout about all the things I scrap, using up some leftover photos that never made it onto layouts but that I couldn't just throw away. (I love the one of my dad holding my wedding bouquet, but the wedding album had enough photos.) The layout was also a good way to use up some scrap supplies in my stash, including letter stickers. I've had those sparkly pink letters (from the Target $1 spot) for more than a year and spelling "what" finally used them up. Woo!

If you don't have kids either, then what do you scrap? Or for every scrapper out there, what do you scrap?

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  1. That's so funny someone would ask that! haha Because what, if you don't have kids you don't have a life?? Too funny! I have kids as well as grandkids but I also love scrapping family as well as just everyday stuff. I've even scrapped my purses, things that bug me, random stuff! That's what scrapping is all about! Glad I'm not alone on that "Girl with the dragon tattoo" thing too. I couldn't believe there were 3 movies about it!!!!! uugggghhh.