Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween mini album

So here's what I did while I watched the World Series: made a Halloween mini album! A long, long time ago (two years, maybe?) I won a prize pack of Nikki Sivils Halloween scrapbook goodies, including a cute ghost chipboard album. I didn't know what to do with it at the time, but then I had a bright idea! Wouldn't it make a cute album for showcasing kids' Halloween costumes throughout the years? Brilliant! Doesn't matter that I have no children and who knows when we ever will. At least when we do have kids (ya know, when we're 50...) this album will already be done and ready to go! TIME SAVER! So here's what I came up with:

Title page - a picture will go in the big "O" in "Halloween."

Some other pages:

There are 12 pages total so that's 12 Halloweens. And if our child is still Trick-or-Treating after that (hey, my last Trick-or-Treat was as a freshman in high school. I was Baby Spice.) then I'll figure something out.

The only problem is (aside from not having a child yet) there are no holes in the ghost chipboard for the metal clasp. So I can't really make this an album yet because I can't attach the metal clasp to bind the pages! Any thoughts on this one? What tool do I need to bore holes into the chipboard? And why didn't the stupid thing just come with holes??? Is mine defective?

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