Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stamps - Where to put them?

No pictures to share with you. I did some scrapbooking... last week... and just never took pictures of the pages. That meant that I didn't even get one uploaded for a challenge. Darn it! I've just been kind of busy lately, which is also the excuse for lack of posts. What can I say? It's summer. I'm doing stuff.

Anyway, because the bedroom is painted (see previous post), we can move on to our (my) next paint project - the office/scrap room. This means that I need to start thinking about some organizational items for all my scrap supplies. I already know that I want to buy some peg board (where does one buy peg board?) to hang my spools of ribbon. But stamps are causing me the most annoyance. Right now, my clear stamps are hanging out in a plastic bag. Probably not the best place to put them because they tend to stick together making it hard to find what I want. So I'm putting this out to all of you scrappers - how do you organize your clear stamps? I'd love to hear your ideas on this one. I figure if my stamps were better organized, I might actually use them more.

I would also use stamps more if they were self-cleaning. Does anyone else loathe cleaning off the stamps once you're done or is it just my lazy self?


  1. I googled "Clear Stamp storage" and there were hundreds of ideas to peruse. I bet you could find a good idea there. Mine are in a mishmosh bag and are all stuck together because I rarely stamp. And....I use baby wipes to clean mine and have no issues with that. I know some people say the wipes shred on the stamps, but not mine. I must use the good wipes. LOL

  2. I personally haven't done it--yet--but leaving your clear stamps on the sheet they come on, and then punched and stored in a 3-ring binder is a good way to store them...