Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Scrapbooking

No, not a whirlwind of scrapbooking. Hurricane Irene. Because our weekend has been spent just sitting at home preparing for the worst (wind, rain, damage?), I've got a lot of time to scrapbook. Here's a layout I finished up this weekend. It's based on the layout "Play Ball" by Jill Cornell. I liked this paper with the little menu thing at the bottom because this layout is all about cheap food I've eaten this summer.

The journaling reads: During the summer, we have half-day Fridays. We get out at 1:30 but my bus isn't until 3:00 so I have plenty of time to try new lunch places. 

I've only had two half-day Fridays where I stuck around for lunch. And both of those days were cheap pizza days. I got the special at 2 Bros. Pizza - 2 slices and a soda for $2.75. Not bad. And then I had a coupon for a free pizza slice with the purchase of a Big Gulp at 7-11. Again, not bad. I like cheap food! What about you?

I'm finally getting to my June vacation pictures. Here is the first page of that album. My mom and I went to Cape Cod and stopped in Plymouth, Massachusetts on the drive there. This is the Mayflower II, a replica of the ship that brought over the Pilgrims. This is based on sketch 134 at The Scrappiest. The colors on this look much better in real life, but I'm dealing with not great weather and lighting conditions and when I tried to brighten the picture with photo editing software, it just looked worse. So believe me when I say, the colors on this really are nice.

And then if you scroll down, you'll see that I was able to make two cards with my scraps. Go me! That's something that I need to do from now on. I think it would really help get rid of my scrap stash.

Anyway, good times with hurricanes and tropical storms. I hope my fellow East Coasters are staying safe this weekend.


  1. great stuff! i really like that pinwheel card!

  2. Cute, cards, but they look huge! Did you have to get jumbo envelopes?

  3. I'll probably go to Michael's and buy large envelopes or I just won't send these in envelopes. Or I'll make my own envelopes!