Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspiration from Susan

This is one of Susan's layouts from a few years ago. I had sketched it into my scrapbook sketchbook and decided to do my version of it for this week. Don't you love the swirl on this? That's what really drew me to it. I tend to do only straight lines, so it was nice to try something with a curve.

I was using 4x6 pictures that I couldn't crop down much smaller, so I had to revise the orientation of the three pictures. But I kept the swirl. You don't need a special template to do it. I just drew mine by hand on the cardstock and cut it out. Unlike straight lines, which I can't draw by hand if my life depended on it, swirls aren't supposed to be perfect. So go for it!

I'd love to see your take on Susan's "Mama's Boys" layout or any other layout by Susan. Leave a link in the comments section so everybody can check it out! And don't forget to visit Susan's blog and gallery, then come back Friday for some tasty cuisine.


  1. I really love the curve to both of your layouts. I like how you feature artists and lift them on your blog. It's such a fun feature! Thank you very much for leaving a comment on my last blog post. It meant a LOT to me.

  2. I love susan's work, and i love your take on her LO!