Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Using Photo Sleeves as Layouts

Awhile back, I can't remember where or when, I saw a tutorial for using photo sleeve pages as a base for scrapbook layouts. Normally with these pages you just put in your 4x6 photos, kind of like a regular photo album. But you don't have to use them like regular photo album pages. All you need is some patterned paper, embellishments, and letters for your title and you can make a scrapbook layout! This is a great idea for those who don't have a lot of time to figure out how to lay everything out on a page or for those who have a lot of vacation pictures and just want an easy way to get them all scrapped.

In the first photo, I used four photos. Three I kept as 4x6 and the fourth photo I cut and matted onto blue cardstock. In the two other 4x6 spaces, I cut patterned paper to fit inside, adding a journaling tag to one and a title to the other, slapped on some stickers, and voila! Done.

Now, if you do one side of the photo sleeve page, then you have to do the other. I sort of did the same thing with the back side, only I switched up the placement of every thing. It was super easy to do and allowed me to use a lot of pictures on one page.

Something to keep in mind: if you are using a digital camera and printing your pictures out with a photo processing company such as Walgreens, don't get the 4.5 x whatever true digital prints. They will not fit in these photo sleeves. You must get the 4x6 prints, even if that means a little cropping must be done on your picture. Trust me, the cropping issue really isn't that bad. And I like the glossy look of the 4x6 pictures instead of the matte look that I always get from the true digital prints. 

Has anyone else ever worked with these types of pages before? Did you like them?

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