Monday, May 2, 2011

Make Your Own Patterned Paper

Last month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge inspired me to create my own patterned paper using stamps. I had a whole bunch of travel-themed stamps that were perfect for this. But first I needed stamp pads because all I had was black and maroon. So I went to Michael's and found stamp pads in the $1 bins. I got light blue, yellow, and green. Score! Then I just randomly stamped all over the paper. I started with the black stamp pad and used that as my base. Then I used the other stamps and stamp pads to fill in the blanks. And now I have my own piece of patterned paper! I'm excited to do more stamping with my other stamps to create different patterned paper. Have you guys ever stamped your own patterned paper? In what other ways do you use your stamps? Do you use clear stamps? (I love those.)

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