Friday, May 6, 2011

GlueArts Ribbon Adhesive

Is anyone else familiar with the company GlueArts? I had never heard of them before, but several months ago I won a giveaway for a $50 gift card to the GlueArts online store. Woo hoo! I got a lot of stuff, such as regular adhesive, vellum adhesive, and 3D foam adhesive. But what I like the most is the ribbon adhesive.

Here is the description from the website:

Adhesive Squares™ Brand Adhesives-Ribbon Adhesive - comes spooled on a clear liner with 40 feet of continuous adhesive!
A very thin extrusion of adhesive means your ribbon will lay perfectly flat, permanently. The clear liner allows precise placement every time. Just roll out the desired amount of adhesive, cut, position and burnish the adhesive into the ribbon, peel away the liner and press the ribbon into place!

Yep it really is that easy. Prior to using this stuff I had been applying tiny glue dots to each end of the ribbon and adhering the ribbon like that. It worked, but the ribbon didn't always lie flat and sometimes the places where the ribbon wasn't adhered with glue dots would move. But that doesn't happen with the GlueArts ribbon adhesive. 

The only drawback is that once the ribbon is down on the page, that's it. You can't move it. But a lot of people work with permanent adhesive (I always go for the removable acid-free photo squares) so this might not be a problem for some of you. 

Has anyone else worked with GlueArts products? What is your favorite item from GlueArts?

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